Garden State Classical Academy commits to ensuring we have a well-educated and articulate staff who use traditional, teacher-led methods of instruction. Modern classrooms have become an environment governed by students. Students determine the content, pacing, and individualized learning style they feel best suits them. We reserve the authority of those determinations to be placed with the teacher and not with the whims of our students. At GSCA, we focus on what students generally have in common versus the infinite number of intricate differences between each child. 

Garden State Classical Academy places developmentally appropriate expectations on structured learning periods broken up by intermittent recess/break times. We hire teachers who are passionate about the content they teach and honor the wisdom they have to share with their students. Each lesson will involve a combination of direct instruction and student application of new material, which may look like games, activities, or projects. 

Our school culture will be of moral virtue, decorum, respect, discipline, and studiousness for students and staff.