At Garden State Classical Academy, we recognize that schools work with and for the parents of our students. The parent’s right and responsibility is to educate their children; we seek to be teammates. Although parents will not dictate curriculum or pedagogy, their feedback and input are highly valued. 

Current public schools have assumed many of the roles that used to belong to parents, and we are at a point in society where teachers and public school administrators have replaced the parents as the primary source of their children’s upbringing. As parents abdicate their responsibility to educate their children, other institutions will inevitably take over. Parents at Garden State Classical Academy do not assume that education is solely the school’s responsibility. This understanding and partnership means that parents are welcome in the classroom, are engaged in reviewing school work at home, reiterate the same diligent and disciplined work ethic with home tasks, and support the school’s mission. They are the parents. For example, our parents may come into classrooms, join us on field trips, volunteer to assist with day-to-day operations, and create parenting committees. 

There needs to be more trust in the current school systems regarding what your children are being taught, where school funds are allocated, and the parent’s role. Through transparency in curriculum and policy, along with parental involvement, we can build back the trust that was once placed in the school system. Garden State Classical Academy partners with parents to provide their children with an academically excellent classical education that nurtures student’s hearts, minds, and bodies.