At Garden State Classical Academy, we do not believe authority starts and ends with man, parents, teachers, community leaders, or government officials. Moral objective truths are not arbitrarily based on a power structure or reinforced subjectively. At GSCA, we believe that objective ethical standards for truth and behavioral expectations come from God and are solidified in our Constitution, endowed by our Creator. We believe everyone, child or adult, is held to that same standard. 

GSCA is a non-sectarian Christian school that teaches the objective moral truths outlined in the Judeo-Christian tradition through instruction and example. The curriculum, by purpose and design, is a survey of the best spiritual, intellectual, and cultural traditions of the West as they have been developed and refined over countless generations. While GSCA is grounded in these commitments, we do not have a particular sectarian identity or statement of faith and welcome families regardless of their personal faith tradition.