American Classical Education shows us that education depends on civilization’s existence—particularly political order, security, and freedom of thought. A reflective study of history shows students how hard those principles are to achieve. It also gives them an appreciation for how uncommon and precious our American circumstances are and shows them how paramount it is to cherish and maintain them.

Students study America’s founding documents, so they develop an appreciation and respect for the unprecedented creation of this country. Because students explore the origins of our country and its impressive history, in all of its successes and struggles, they develop a deep love for America. Students learn that although the United States of America is not perfect, it is unparalleled in the archives of human history for its exceptional opportunity for freedom, peace, and prosperity accessible to its citizens. 

From that acquisition of knowledge, our students become citizens able to determine what should be preserved and what should be changed, and in making this determination, they fulfill a crucial part of our human nature: becoming free citizens.