A classical education for the modern student.

Garden State Classical Academy was founded by a group of like-minded parents and community leaders. Our school‘s guiding principles are fundamentally different than those of the surrounding school choice options. The New Jersey State Learning Standards require public schools to operate with a laser-like focus on college and career readiness with the main emphasis on being competitive in the global economy. At Garden State Classical Academy we aim to provide a comprehensive foundation in key subjects, through fact-based teaching, that build to deep content mastery. Graduates of our school will be well prepared intellectually, morally, and civically, for any future vocation. Our aim is for students to flourish and love learning so that they will succeed in continuing their academic journey post graduation. 

Garden State Classical Academy is an American Classical school and believes the goal of schooling is to cultivate virtue and wisdom in students. Their ability to self-govern and contribute to a just and free society is imperative.

Parental Rights Focused 

At Garden State Classical Academy we recognize the responsibility placed on us when your children walk through our doors. There is a loss of trust in school systems regarding what is being taught to your children, where school funds are allocated, and what the parent’s role is. Garden State Classical Academy believes that the education of children is a fundamental right and responsibility of parents and aims to restore parental function in education. Through transparency in curriculum and policy, along with parental involvement, we can begin to build back the trust that once was placed in the school system. Garden State Classical Academy partners with parents to provide their children with an academically excellent classical education that nurtures students’ hearts, minds, and bodies.


Projected Opening:

Garden State Classical Academy is projected to open in the Fall of 2024.

Growth Plan:

When open, we will serve lower elementary for the 2024-25 school year, and grow one grade per year until we reach 12th grade.